Volume 9

Letter from the Executive General Manager

Welcome to the ninth edition of ‘insight’! 

insignia recently exhibited at PIX/AMC, Australia’s leading trade event for egg, poultry and milling industries. Focusing on supply chain opportunities from farmer to consumer, the conference was a welcome occasion to bring together producers, manufacturers and suppliers to discuss innovation and opportunity in support of growth.

For our team in particular it was a timely opportunity to highlight the importance of compliance with global food safety standards, when it comes to the use of coding equipment in direct contact with food products. The importance of safety, especially in the context of food manufacturing, cannot be overstated. Ongoing education and support to Australian producers and manufacturers on topics like these ensures we can continue meeting our own core goal of helping Australian businesses remain competitive.

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The cost of poor labelling in logistics and the supply chain - Why tech matters

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How IIoT revolutionises processes throughout the supply chain

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Graduate Conference

Earlier this month our insignia graduates made their way out the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron at Manly for their first graduate conference of 2018 to learn about Career Planning. 

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Advantages and ROI on Mobile Printers

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5 Characteristics of a highly effective label (infographic)

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The four commandments of coding

The importance of consistent, high quality coding cannot be understated. Understanding the detrimental effect it can have to traceability and accuracy, we’ve developed our four commandments of coding.

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Meet the Team

Meet Gavin Wood!

We'd love to introduce you to Gavin Wood, a Queensland state Sales Manager based in our Brisbane office.

Find out what he'd bring if stranded on an island, and two personal mottos he lives by!

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