Volume 8

Letter from the Executive General Manager

Welcome to the eighth edition of ‘insight’! For some time now Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things and the factory of the future have all been hot topics for Australian manufacturers.

The immediate challenge is understanding how an investment into equipping a smart factory translates into justifiable ROI. From a marking and coding perspective, it can provide full visibility over a production line to a user located anywhere in the world. It can transmit live data on consumable levels, preventing unscheduled downtime from machines running out of consumables. It can monitor wear and tear on components, and also provide real time OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data. These factors all adding up to the virtual elimination of unplanned downtime, which has a very real benefit to the bottom line.

We’ve shared some information below on the role Industry 4.0 and IIoT has in revolutionising the supply chain, and the very real benefits for Australian manufacturers. I hope that you find these resources of value – and we welcome the opportunity to discuss these topics further with you.

Best regards,

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Looks Matter When It Comes to Taste

Effective brand labels should engage customers at a multi-sensory level, emphasise your brand story, trigger emotional engagement and evoke a memorable, emotional response. Discover more about how to ensure your product has the most successful shelf impact.

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Shaping Industry 4.0 for maximum efficiency in coding and marking

Thanks to IoT and Cloud computing, operators can use coding equipment and systems as part of a singular intelligent factory operation. Find out more about how these decentralised systems help streamline processes and increase supply chain efficiency.

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How IoT is transforming the Field Service Sector

IoT is transforming the Field Service sector through device connectivity and visibility across fleets. Operators are experiencing an increase in first time resolution and data accuracy, predictive maintenance through remote diagnostics and an overall rise in customer satisfaction.

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Domino Cloud and Ax-Series is helping manufacturers build the factory of the future

Industry 4.0 is set to revolutionise manufacturing and production through the utilisation of cyber connected systems, which monitor factory processes to maximise efficiency and reduce downtime.

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Winson Gemba Walk

The Winson Group recently held a Gemba site walk at our Brisbane head office. Learn more about this best practice approach, and how businesses can benefit from leaders spending their time out of the office where value is created.

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Country of Origin Labelling - Are your labels ready?

Make sure you've updated your labels as the Country of Origin labelling system becomes mandatory as of July this year. Download our one page brochure that covers the changes.

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Meet the Team

Meet Glenda Stoyles!

We'd love to introduce you to Glenda Stoyles, a Procurement Coordinator based in our Brisbane office.

Find out what's on her bucket list - and what food she'd eat if she could only eat one food for the rest of her life!


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