insignia vs. Signet soccer grudge match

By day insignia and our sister company Signet work harmoniously in sync, but after one too many friendly jabs over the lunch table, the insignia vs. Signet grudge match came to life! In the spirit of Australian sportsmanship, we decided to settle our differences on the soccer field.

The stellar insignia line-up included players from Customer Service, VIP and Domino Sales, Despatch, Marketing, Domino Projects and Service - all whipped into a sporting frenzy by our very vocal supporters on the sidelines.

The game kicked off with a lot of banter between the teams, and with a special appearance from our back-up goalie (and resident mascot) 'Snappy' the alligator, the stage was set for victory!

Alas, it was not to be. With a strong rival in Signet's team fronted by their competitive graduates within their Customer Service and Account Management teams, insignia finally admitted defeat with a final score of 4-1.

Congratulations Signet, you were the better team for game 1. insignia will be back and ready to win the trophy the next time we meet!