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Affordable and high quality, insignia's unadhesed (no adhesive) tags are an effective method to identify, track and trace challenging-shaped products. insignia's tickets are ideal for event ticketing and can be sequentially coded with alpha and numeric characters.

Stocked Tag Range

insignia also stocks a range high quality non-adhesive tags, suitable for an array of applications and environments, including product coding, pricing, and identification, crafting of resources such as visitor passes, and use in the fresh-produce retail supply chain (such as for identifying Returnable Plastic Crates for Coles and Woolworths).

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Custom Manufactured Tickets and Tags

As an experienced manufacturer, insignia can provide tags designed to suit your application. Whether you are looking to identify products, machinery, cages, crates, carcasses, tubs or REO, insignia's custom tags can enhance efficiency within your process or your supply chain.

Tags manufactured from cardstock or paper materials are an economic solution and popular for receipts, ticketing and fresh produce (RPC) crate identification. These stocks are available in direct thermal and thermal transfer and a variety of weights/thicknesses.

Synthetic tags (e.g. Valeron, Tyvek, Cyclone) are ideal for many agricultural, food and industrial environments. Tough and durable, they provide outstanding tear resistance and weather performance for machinery/electrical lock out tags, or for sewing onto poly-woven bags.

Two of insignia's Speciality Tags

Fresh Produce Supply
Chain Tags

A range of tags and labels to suit Coles and Woolworths Returnable Plastic Crates (RPC) for the fresh produce retail supply chain. In stock and ready for dispatch.

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Meat Processing Tags

insignia produces a range of food-grade tags, including tags for carcass identification, meat inserts and meat tags. Tags can be manufactured from a range of synthetic materials suitable for meat processing and packing environments, in various shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. We can print your tags with logos and other details and provide tags pre-printed with sequential numbers.

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In What Specialty Materials are insignia's Tags Avaliable?

insignia's stocked range of non-adhesive tags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours that are suitable for a wide range of uses and allow for quick identification of products. In addition to more typical materials, our tags are available in a number of specialty textiles.


Valeron is a cross laminated polyethylene film made using a proprietary multistep process. The resulting film is typically used in construction, packaging, and print applications due to its outstanding tear resistance, weather performance (adapting to cold, moisture, and high-UV conditions), as well as its strength, toughness, and stability.


Tyvek is a lightweight and durable synthetic material that has gained popularity due to its unique properties that are ideal for use in a wide range of businesses and industrial environments. Made from ultra-fine spunbonded olefin fibers (each of which is 0.5–10 µm, as opposed to the 75 µm of human hair), the resulting material is strong and difficult to tear, but easy to cut with scissors or knives. Strong, versatile, made from environmentally responsible materials, and resistant to water, flames and chemicals, Tyvek is perfect for applications in high-risk environments.


Cyclone is a synthetic polypropylene paper that can resist even the harshest of conditions. In low-temperatures (down to -40°C) Cyclone can resist cracking, and on the other end of the scale (of temperatures up to 120°C) can maintain its dimensional stability. Cyclone has a long outdoor life that can resist both water and ultra-violet exposure and is both tear-resistant and recyclable.

DZJ00 Direct Thermal Synthetic

insignia's DZJ00 material is a bi-axially orientated, synthetic direct thermal BOPP film with excellent resistance to heat (up to 90 deg C), water (withstands 16 hours immersion at room temperature), humidity and oil, and is safe for food contact.

DZB0 Direct Thermal Synthetic

DZB00 is a synthetic film material which is ideal for tags and tickets that require high-speed printing, high durability against heat and humidity, tear resistance, sharp imaging and clean room usability. It produces sharp, rich black tones to meet exacting standards for readability and performance and is highly resistant to harsh environments and rough usage.

Customise Your Labels

Though insignia offer a broad inventory of stocked shapes and sizes, we also produce custom tags should your business so require it – allowing for your choice of size, shape, colour, and material.

Custom Labels

Blank Labels

Our production volumes allow you to benefit from a combination of first-rate value and quality, whether we manufacture blank labels tailored to your need, or you choose from the wide range of sizes stocked in our warehouses, ready for dispatch.

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