Overprint Labelling

Combine prime label quality with variable flexibility for visually appealing labels. Versatile, affordable and convenient, Overprint Labels are useful for printing variable data on generically branded labels as needed, allowing you to reduce label inventory.

Overprint Benefits

 Overprint labels are a flexible approach to variable information, while maintaining a professional label and achieving compliance standards.

Overprint Labels

On an overprinted label, your brand logo is printed in full-colour, premium-quality print at our state-of-the art pressroom. A section is left vacant to allow space for your variable information such as barcoding, sequential numbering, product descriptions, weight, package size and ingredients batching information. To finalise your label, we help you match your label with ribbon from our wide range, to print sharp, strong text onto your labels.

When it comes time to print, you have a consistent label that your thermal printer can scribe variable information onto. This versatile label solution enables you to 'overprint' any variable information with your in- house thermal label printer at your own convenience. Giving you the perfect label; whatever information you need, whenever you need it.

There are a multitude of uses for overprint labels in nearly every industry. Some of these include:

  • Product descriptions
  • Weight
  • Package size
  • Ingredients
  • Batch Information for traceability
  • Barcoding
  • Sequential numbering

We offer a range of premium-quality coatings and laminates can be applied to boost the labels colours and enhance its aesthetic appeal or protect the surface from moisture and abrasion. Common finishes include:

  • Laminate - Creates an excellent barrier to protect against scuffing or corrosion available in both Matte and Gloss
  • UV Varnish - Creates a gloss effect and protects to a lesser degree.
  • Water Baser Varnish - Used in specialty overprint applications.

As part of your overprint labelling solution we offer and support a wide variety of industry leading Thermal Printer brands include Datamax-O'Neil, Honeywell, Zebra, Bixolon, Intermec and Carl Valentin.

When determining the right label printer for your overprinting requirements, the most important point to consider is the quantity of labels that will be printed per day. The table below shows the recommended print volumes from each range of printer models.

Printer Model Range Label Volume (per day)
Economy (Desktop Range) 500
Mid-Industrial Range 3 000
Industrial Range 7 000
High-Industrial Range 10 000

*Suggested volumes are based on consistent printing over 8-hour work days

Cutter unit

Enables labels to be cut individually directly after being printer to allow for easy distribution of labels.

Internal Rewinder

Allows for labels to be rewound onto a new roll inside the printer, ideal when you wish to batch print small rolls of labels to use at a later stage.

External Rewinder

If batch printing large volumes to use at a later stage, the External Rewinder allows for labels to be rewound onto a large-size roll outside of the printer.

Peel and Present Kit

This unit automatically peels away the backing paper of the label once printed so the label is presented at the face of the printer ready to apply, reducing the time associated with removing labels, and mess as the backing paper is wound inside the printer. This accessory must be used in conjunction with an internal rewinder.

Hand held label applicators

Industry-leading TOWA hand-held applicators make applying your labels fast, precise and simple.

If you are printing variable information from a database, then a label design software will be required, BarTender is the world's leading label design software. Its user-friendly technology allows you to design and edit your labels, add GS1 approved barcodes and import and export graphics.

Overprint Tailored Labelling Guide

Overprint Solution

insignia are a one-stop-shop for a wide range of labels, printers and labelling software and printing accessories. Our team of industry specialists will take their time to understand your labelling requirements and tailor an affordable solution to meet industry labelling standards and achieve your unique business requirements.

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Read about the flexible labelling solution providing brand consistency, improved efficiency and cost savings for Australia's largest Kosher Butcher.

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If you are looking for a custom labelling solution to bring your product to life, but are limited by budget or the diverse range of products on your line, then insignia's Overprint Labels are the solution for you. To find out more contact us today!

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