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Blank Labels

Whether you are shipping a box, naming a sample or barcoding your inventory, labels are a crucial component of the supply chain for identifying, tracking and tracing. Choose from our extensive stocked range of thermal direct, thermal transfer and laser labels, or talk to our product experts about a custom solution.


Supply chain and barcode thermal labels for your identification and shipping needs

Thermal labels are essential in supply chains across the globe and are the vital link in getting your product to the customer, promoting your brand, identifying assets or labelling for compliance. They're crucial for traceability and are just as important as the information they carry, therefore it's imperative you're using the right label for your application. 

Thermal Direct labels are manufactured from heat-sensitive label material which turns black when it comes into contact with the thermal printhead in the label printer. Direct thermal printing is cost-effective media option and ideal for printing sharp, clear barcodes. Typical applications include short-life transport labels and cold environment labelling. No Thermal Ribbon is required with direct thermal labels.

Since thermal direct labels react to heat, they are also sensitive to sunlight which can cause labels to blacken, as can scuffing or rubbing during transport. Also, the thermal image may fade after a length of time.

Thermal transfer printing uses a heat-sensitive ribbon which 'transfers' the ink onto the label material when it comes into contact with the thermal printhead

Thermal Transfer creates a permanent, crisp print which is more durable when compared to thermal direct, making it ideal for long-life product labelling, and for products stored outdoors or in direct sunlight.

Your labels can be supplied as

  • Rolls of labels wound around cores. A range of core sizes are available to match your printer brand and model
  • Fanfold bundles. These are labels stacks with alternating folds, as opposed to being supplied on cores. Fanfold labels can be used where larger quantities are preferred to minimize the frequency of rolls changes.
  • A4 Sheet format which are cut so that each label or 'label-set' is on an individual sheet, and are often used when the labels are over-printed by a laser printer, rather than a thermal printer.

Need a tough label for a challenging outdoor environment? Applying your label in freezer conditions? Looking for extra-long rolls to suit print-and-apply automation? Interested in using colour labels as visual cues for your team? Don't want your label to stick, but need a tag instead?

insignia can custom match the label material, adhesive, size and finished format, ensuring you have right label for your job.


Protect traceability and improve efficiency with these guides

insignia's guide to Blank Labels

Thermal printing technology has become widespread across the globe for printing labels, tags and tickets due to its ease, speed and efficient output. These labels and tags can be the vital link in getting your product to your customer, promoting your brand, identifying your assets, or labelling for compliance.

Thermal Label Printer Buying Guide

Thermal printing technology has become widespread across the globe for printing labels, tags, tickets, receipts, plastic cards and more. This popularity comes down to the three key benefits of thermal printing: High speed and efficiency of output, Low cost of operation and consumables, and Low maintenance.


Blank labelling solutions for a variety of applications

Thermal Direct

Thermal Direct labels are a cost-effective labelling solution ideal for short-term logistics or cold environment labelling.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer labels use a heat-sensitive ribbon to create a permanent, crisp print, providing durability and readability for long-life product and logistics labelling.

A4 Sheet Labels

Print labels on demand with your office laser printer. Shop our range of A4 laser labels sheets, compatible with a most major labelling software.

Freight & Logistics Labels

insignia stock a wide range of freight & logistics labels for StarTrack, Australia Post eParcel or Express Post, cartons and SSCC pallet labelling.

Fresh Produce Labels

Labels and tags to suit Coles and Woolworths Returnable Plastic Crates (RPCs).

Thermal Ribbon

insignia stock a wide range of economy and premium thermal transfer ribbons to ensure you can get the right ribbon for your application.

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