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Complete Warehouse Solution for Shell

Identifying the challenge

Technology advances are widely welcomed by many - especially in production warehouses and industries where large quantities and varieties of product are continuously identified and shipped to various parts of the nation as well as the world. In the life of a lubricants warehouse, technology underpins its successful daily operations. Of course, the right technology for the right environment will ensure smooth production.

This is all well and good, but what this means for those making mission critical systems decisions, is the problem of how to mesh and partner the different strands of technology to make their production lines flow like well-oiled machines. Unfortunately, initial decisions based on what was available at the time can become long-term headaches that can make total cost of ownership escalate instead of diminish. Data integrity is quite a significant problem and these issues can get more complex in time.

Brad Jeavons, Sales Manager for insignia was approached by Shell Oil with such a problem. They needed the knowledge and experience of a company who specialised in the complete process of printing and labelling to optimise software/hardware compatibility throughout their lubricant warehouses, refreshing old hardware and systems to gain efficiencies using modern technologies.


The Solution

For Shell’s warehouse operations to flow smoothly with minimum breakdowns and callouts, they needed reliable label printing solutions that would eliminate future data integrity issues. Brad Jeavons, Business Manager for insignia oversaw the project at Shell, and provides insight into the solution provided.

"Gaining the whole picture is the key to providing the right printing solution for each environment. Every warehouse is different and so there is not a 'one size fits all' solution when it comes to labelling application and printer needs. The whole picture always includes future plans for expansion as well as looking for the isolated stumbling blocks that can occur through underperforming hardware or software. insignia knows that there is no value in coming up with a quick fix that looks good on paper but cannot be sustained in the long term".

Because of their extensive knowledge of labelling solutions and decades of experience in printer systems, insignia was able to remove the blockages in the production process. For Shell, their once sluggish production lines are smooth running and free flowing, from the label design through to its application. This refining process included integrating the right software with the most efficient printer and was completed with insignia’s full field service. According to Brad, ‘the best and most proficient solution for Shell was to simplify the existing complex labelling software.

The present complexity had the potential to cause excessive centralized data problems; not to mention the time-consuming management and maintenance that is needed to keep everything up and running. The best printing solution in this case was purchasing and installing Seagull Scientific BarTender Software to integrate with Datamax W-class printers. The flexibility of the BarTender software working with the reliable and durable Datamax W-Class printers means smooth-running production lines with limited downtime due to breakdown. BarTender has been designed to overcome any problems in relation to managing complex software.

This software is user-friendly and no IT degrees are necessary as there is no hard coding involved. BarTender is the leading true Windows barcode label software program. This professional label design and barcode software tool has powerful features for compliance labels and integration with enterprise software. It even supports RFID tags. Yet BarTender is so easy, it gets beginners designing in minutes.

The modular Datamax W-Class wide label printer features more standard memory, a beefier processor, and the scalability required in today's connected workplace. W-Class label printers are constructed to endure the most intense industrial printing environment, with an all-metal chassis and heavy-duty metal exterior designed to protect a company’s investment. The Datamax label printer is famous for its simple to maintain and easy to use modularity.

The cog-driven (no belts) printer leads the way in its design that incorporates tough casing with all removable parts easy to access and simple to remove. You don’t need engineering qualifications, just a screwdriver. Although Datamax knows its printers are of the highest quality and reliability, it offers an excellent and comprehensive warranty.

The smooth transition to well-oiled efficiency was made complete by insignia’s Field Service expertise. insignia’s service philosophy is to work closely with their customers in order to maximize system up times and maintain lifetime cost effectiveness. Trained, qualified and certified technicians delivered the necessary training so that full utilization was made of the BarTender Software in conjunction with the quality Datamax Printers provided.