Upgrade your current continuous inkjet coder to a Domino Ax-Series CIJ coder and get FREE Extended Warranty, Replacement Parts and Remote Monitoring for 2 Years!*
VALUED AT $3,000

Domino Ax-Series

The Domino Ax-Series continuous inkjet coders rewrite the rules of marking and coding by improving speed, accuracy and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments, with remote connectivity through Domino Cloud.



An industry breakthrough in Continuous Inkjet printing

The Ax-150i is a revolutionary printing solution that adapts to your needs. The Ax-150i is compact, powerful and easy to maintain and service – the i-Tech module can be easily changed in less than 10 minutes and production can be maintained with optimum line availability.

The reinvention of Continuous Inkjet printing

The Ax-350i is the new generation in precision ink drop technology and designed for demanding applications. Rapidly print messages and multiple line codes at the fastest possible speeds, without compromising overall equipment efficiency (OEE). The higher quality codes are optimised for Machine Readable Codes (MRC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems, which in turn reduce reject rates.
The ultimate in Continuous Inkjet technology

The highest quality print is assured with the Ax-550i. The robust and flexible machine delivers high resolution print messages and multiple line codes in the harshest environments. The Ax-550i cabinet is made from marine grade stainless steel which is not only dust tight but can withstand powerful water blasting during heavy duty cleaning.

Key Features
  • 60um i-Pulse Printhead Straight
  • 3m conduit
  • ITM (Type 2) System
  • 7 Inch integrated Touchscreen with QS3
  • IP55 Metal Cabinet with Tough Nylon Door
  • Service-free and error free
  • Smooth integration
  • Rapidly prints clean and clear codes

Key Features
  • 60um/75um i-Pulse Printhead Straight
  • 3m/6m conduit
  • ITM (Type 2) & Heavy Duty ITM (Type 3) System
  • Optional User Interface – 7 & 10 inch with QS3
  • Robust, IP66 sealed electronics enclosure
  • IP55 304 Stainless cabinet

Key Features
  • 60um/75um i-Pulse Printhead Straight
  • 3m/6m conduit
  • ITM (Type 2) & Heavy Duty ITM (Type 3) System
  • IP55 316 Marine Grade Stainless cabinet
  • IP66 Sealed Electronics enclosure

Domino SafeGuard for Ax-Series

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to the Domino Ax-Series, with 2 years FREE extended warranty, replacement parts and remote monitoring through Domino SafeGuard.

What's Included:

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Domino Continuous Inkjet Trade-In Offer Terms and Conditions

Domino Continuous Inkjet Coder trade-in offer is valid from 02/09/2019 to 20/12/2019. The offer is 2 years free SafeGuard 200 coverage for a trade-in of any brand of continuous inkjet coder for a Domino Ax-Series continuous inkjet coder. As part of the trade-in component of the offer, insignia will take possession of the customer’s current continuous inkjet coder/s, after the installation of their new Domino Ax-Series inkjet coder. Purchase Order for the new machine/s must be received by insignia by 4:00pm AEST on 20/12/2019 to redeem the offer. Free extended warranty, replacement parts, labour & travel with remote monitoring for 2 years is provided by insignia through insignia’s SafeGuard program. Access to Domino Cloud is only available through a SafeGuard agreement. Subscription to SafeGuard 200 over a 2-year period is valued at $3,000 ex GST. Standard subscription duration of SafeGuard is a 5-year term. As part of the promotion the monthly subscription fee will be waived for the first two years, and then will be charged on a monthly basis for the remaining three years of the subscription term. If the customer wishes to exit SafeGuard at the end of the 2-year free subscription period they will be able to do so by contacting insignia directly to arrange. Market value of SafeGuard and its monthly payment instalments may vary over the 5-year term due to fluctuations in the exchange rate. If the customer wishes to upgrade components of SafeGuard, the difference in coverage cost will be priced on application. This offer is only valid within Australia for sites within the greater regions of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Other areas within Australia may attract travel fees for servicing and support but will still attract the parts and cloud benefits of SafeGuard. This offer is redeemable only by the recipient, and not to be used in conjunction with any other existing discounts or current agreements unless otherwise negotiated. Every care is taken that correct details are printed; however, insignia will not be held responsible for any errors, omissions, or amendments to service product offerings during the term of the offer.

Replacement Printer Parts

Replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear for the duration of the agreement period is included. Parts replaced under the agreement must be approved by insignia’s Technical Support Helpdesk team or a technician, and will only apply to the serial numbered printer unit. Printer damage or neglect will not constitute spares replacement under the agreement. Consumables such as fluids, wipes and ITM’s are not included

Repair Service and Priority Response

Includes labour and call out charges required to perform repairs on the Domino printer(s). This applies during standard business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. SafeGuard subscribers enjoy a priority level response.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics and Email Alerts

insignia will install a Domino Cloud Interface (“DCI”) which sends printer data to Domino via the mobile data network and/or your company network. It does this without compromising your network security. For optimum support the DCI must be connected at all times, and then you will also be able to access online performance dashboards for your printers. User selectable email alerts will inform you of your printer’s status and allow you to take action before a fault occurs. In the event of a problem, insignia’s Technical Support Helpdesk will use the data transmitted by the DCI to diagnose the resolution and get you working again quickly. As a minimum the DCI must be switched on during the Helpdesk call. If your SafeGuard package includes remote monitoring, then insignia will monitor the status of your printers. If a problem is detected, an insignia Helpdesk team member will contact you to resolve the problem during standard business hours (8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). In both cases if the problem cannot be resolved remotely, then insignia will schedule a technician visit under your replacement printer parts and repair service cover to fix the printer.

Access to Online Refresher Training

You will have access to these online tools for the duration of your SafeGuard package.

Annual Optimisation Visit

An insignia technician will visit your site once per year, normally as part of an existing service visit, and review the printer in terms of print quality, reliability and safety. The printer does not need to be taken offline during this review. The technician will physically inspect the printer, conduct a range of print quality checks and review the critical ink parameters. The technician will also check the operation of any external Domino accessories, review the printer fault log and safety procedures around the printer. The technician will provide a short report including recommendations for longer term consideration based on the latest knowledge and best practices.

24/7 Phone Support (where included)

Our Technical Support Helpdesk will support your operators and maintenance staff with troubleshooting round the clock. Customers must have the serial number of the printer requiring support at the time of call. If your SafeGuard includes remote monitoring this will also be supported 24/7.


The agreement is only valid if genuine Domino consumables are used in the printer. The printer must be used within its normal operating parameters as specified by Domino on the Technical Datasheet. The associated ink must be operating within the conditions set out on the Ink Product and Technical Datasheets. Operators must be sufficiently trained in the following areas in order to remedy basic queries relating to the day to day running of the machine: changing of cartridges and i-Tech Modules; head cleaning (EHT plates and charge electrode); message entry and amendments; adjustment of sensor/encoder settings; jet alignment. This training will be provided as part of the installation package. Further training can be provided through our Online Refresher Training, or additional onsite training can be provided as required. The machine must be installed by an insignia technician or approved by insignia prior to being put under this agreement. Any changes in the printer location or working environment must be advised to insignia prior to the change taking place.


The agreement will not cover issues or faults caused by power failures or interruptions; non-Domino approved installations; operator damage or neglect; faulty settings; faults caused by non-Domino approved external software or ancillaries/accessories being connected to the printer; faults that could have been remedied by the operator with appropriate training as described above. Such issues may be identifiable using our remote diagnostics but in the event that we attend site and identify such issues, we will use the Purchase Order provided to cover the charges.

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions are available on request and will be supplied with confirmation of your agreement