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Finding labels that cater to you

Food manufacturers are in the business of making good food and making it fast. This means that versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are all priorities for food manufacturers throughout their entire production process. It is the same when choosing labels and packaging, you need to select a prime label that's both visually appealing and economic. Colourful, pressure-sensitive labels can have a great impact on your brand and how it presents to the consumer. Your products ignite consumer interest due to their unique craftsmanship - and a unique, crafted prime label can pack the same punch.

However, when you have small production volumes or your product varieties are increasing, you need a label solution that will provide flexibility and is still easy on the hip pocket. Economies of scale dictate that purchasing greater quantities will reduce the cost per label, but for some manufacturers purchasing high volumes of each label is not necessarily the best answer. Holding label stock for each individual product eats away at valuable cash flow and storage space, plus you risk getting stuck with unusable labels if packaging, ingredients or labelling regulations change, which can be expensive.

Overprint Labels

insignia's Overprint Label Solution provides a versatile, affordable and convenient alternative and combines prime label quality with variable flexibility for visually appealing labels. This label matches the professional quality of a full-colour prime label that you've come to rely on, but now you have the flexibility to print the volume that meet your needs.

We know you need to put your brand's best face forward, so that's why these labels present your branding in full-colour, premium-quality print. As part of the design, space is left blank for your variable information, such as product descriptions, weight, package size, ingredients, or nutritional panels. This versatile label solution enables you to 'overprint' any variable information with your in-house thermal label printer at your own convenience.

insignia offers a variety of premium-quality finishes, ranging from a smooth and durable coated-paper label, to the resilient and resistant synthetic type to ensure a crisp professional looking label to complement your branding. To finalise your label, we help you match your label with ribbon from our wide range, to print sharp, strong text onto your labels.

When it comes time to print, the result is a roll of aesthetically appealing labels consistent with your branding that have the capacity to display whatever information you need, whenever you need it.


Holding many individual label rolls and variations of labels in your warehouse can make the management of the label stock complicated. Labels with a similar design can be difficult to distinguish between, especially when there is just a difference of a few words. Bulk stock can increase the chance of selecting an incorrect label to apply to your product. When using labels for a multitude of products, a label that can service a variety of items is an effective alternative.

When there is a modification to your ingredients, or you introduce a new ingredient supplier which alters the Nutritional Values, Allergen Advice or Country of Origin information of your product, you need to update your product label information. An Overprint Label Solution provides you with the flexibility to modify the variable information, print your labels just-in-time, and control the number of labels you print for each batch.


Cost-effectiveness is priority one for many food manufacturers. If you manage a wide range of products, each with item-specific information, the value of the labels you keep in stock can quickly add up. This can be taxing not only on your budget, but on valuable warehouse space. Keeping individual label designs also increases the chance of wastage should a product line be discontinued, leaving you with redundant label inventory.

An Overprint Label Solution provides economies of scale benefits, allowing you to print as many labels as you like, with less label stock on hand. You only need to keep pre-branded labels in stock, eliminating redundant labels. Printing for a product line with consistent packaging, such as plastic-wrapped trays, tubs or jars can reduce your labels down to just one template design. The cost of purchasing one label design is a certain way of adding dollars back into your budget.


Having a versatile label provides you with manufacturing flexibility and agility that custom labels do not allow for. Say you want to launch a new product line, or you need to run a small batch for a niche market. Waiting for this new label to arrive, means you've wasted valuable time in turnaround, and potentially allows your competitor to get a new product on the market before you. An Overprint Label Solution helps you meet specific customer demands, and is cost-efficient for small batch labelling.

When testing and trialling a product before entering into the marketplace, an Overprint Label Solution also helps highlight your brand. A highly-rendered, professional label on your trial run can improve your customer feedback, and help your fledgling brand gain momentum. The labelling process helps reduce your time to market, improving your turnaround and agility when moving through the fast-paced industry of food manufacturing.


Keeping an Overprint Label Solution in your inventory is ideal for the unexpected changes faced in the food manufacturing industry. The ease-of-use and accessibility it provides will quickly solve any change-of-labelling headaches you may encounter.

An Overprint Label Solution gives you the freedom to jump between products. Food manufacturers can see changes happen in an instant, so you need your equipment to keep up with you. The overprint method can switch its process as you switch between projects, which allows you to print at will, with no time wasted. Flexibility is about constantly pre-empting your business's need to meet new guidelines and specifications; if you can't keep up with sudden, new labelling requirements, you can be faced with unmanageable excess costs. An Overprint Label Solution can allow you as a manufacturer to plan for and grow with these new changes as they arise.

What can I use them for?

If you need an upgrade in your current labelling system, the next step is to ensure the quality and the consistency of the labels you purchase. Since a label is literally putting your best face forward into the marketplace, using a company that upholds the same standards of quality and efficiency that you expect from your own business is important. Look for a supplier that engages in a wide range of label stock, printers and labelling accessories to make sure that the system you choose is catering to your unique business requirements, and meets the industry standard for labelling.

All Overprint Label Solutions are compatible with insignia’s industrial, desktop and mobile printers. When deciding on a label printer, there are options available depending on the size of your business and your mobility needs. To find out more on the label printer best for your business, you can follow up on laser vs. thermal printing here.

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