Automatic Labelling Systems Range

Automatic Labelling Systems

Designed for use on production lines to print and apply labels to pallets, cartons and products, the Domino M-Series' outstanding reliability ensures your automated labelling operations run smoothly.

Easy to integrate and easy to use, the modular and compact design offers a range of configurations to suit 99% of carton or pallet label print-apply requirements, and allows it to fit into the tightest of production spaces, plus standard options for left or right hand operation make it even more user-friendly.

  • Quick consumable change-over to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime.
  • High quality barcodes and data for full supply chain compliance

Range Details

M-Series Pallet Labeller (M230i) Print & Apply

Easy, safe and dependable pallet labelling for supply chain traceability and GS1 compliance. Domino's Print-Apply Pallet Label Applicator applies labels to the front, side and back of your pallet in a 3 stop process. Its already robust construction is enhanced by two options of cabinet (stainless steel or aluminium) for protection in a warehouse environment. The unit prints up to 160mm wide labels.

  • Pallet labelling – up to 3 sides
  • 160mm wide labels
  • Stainless steel cabinet for protection

M-Series Tamp-Blow (T4/T6) Print & Apply

High speed and high accuracy, Domino's T4 and T6 Print-Apply Applicators apply your label using a pneumatic tamp system, which is assisted by air blown through the tamp pad to ensure the label is applied securely every time. The tamp application method is ideal should you have different sized products requiring labelling.

  • Applies to top, bottom or side of carton
  • 100 or 150mm versions
  • High speed

M-Series Front or Back (F100/F150) Print & Apply

Applying a label to the front or the back of a carton is simple with the Domino F100/F150 Print-Apply Applicator. The pneumatic tamp system with assisted blow ensures label is firmly fixed. Very easy to integrate in existing production environments, this compact, modular unit can be positioned beside the conveyor or on top of it.

  • Applies to front or back of carton
  • 100 or 150mm versions

M-Series Front and Side or Back and Side (FS100/FS150) Print & Apply

This proven M-series model ensures you meet GS1 requirements for adjacent side carton barcode labels, simply and reliably. Its dual tamp operation applies separate labels with the same applicator and tamp pad. Sited next to the conveyor, its compact design ensures easy integration into existing production lines.

  • Applies 2 separate labels to the front & side or back& side of the carton
  • Maximum label size 110 x 110m
  • High quality barcodes and data for full supply chain compliance

M-Series Wipe (W100) and Reverse Wipe (WR100) Print & Apply

You get higher speeds and increased flexibility, from the M-Series model which 'wipe' applies the label onto the top, side or even bottom of cartons, trays or bags. Wipe application suits longer label formats and ensures secure label placement onto products with uneven surfaces, e.g. bags of grain. The Reverse Wipe configuration allows you to use different length labels on the same tamp pad.

  • Wipe apply method, suits extra long label formats
  • Reverse wipe model caters for multiple label lengths

M-Series Blow (B100) Print & Apply

The Domino M-Series blow application model provides the perfect application method when your delicate products require non-contact label placement. It is also ideal for high-speed production lines when the applicator is positioned relatively close to the product, printing and applying up to 80 labels per minute.

  • Non-contact label applicator
  • High speed, 80 products per minute

Special Applications

insignia's label manufacturing skill and production environment knowhow combines perfectly with Domino M-Series' reliability and flexibility, so we can develop customised print and apply solutions for the most challenging or unusual applications

Solutions include:

  • Extremely large label size - up to A3 size labels
  • Long range tamp - e.g. 1.2m long
  • High speed carton apply – up to 150 labels per minute
  • High or low temperature environments - using air conditioners in cabinets
  • Multi-height applicators
  • Stapler for stapling tags to product
  • Rotating application pads - portrait to landscape
  • Complete software integration into PLC or host coding automation system
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