Country of Origin Labelling

The Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) regulations are mandatory labelling reforms aimed to clearly show Australian consumers where a product has been made, grown or packaged.

Branding Australian made or grown products with the kangaroo logo has a clear influence on consumer sentiments and likelihood to purchase.

68% of consumers purchase products Grown in Australia based on Country of Origin statements on the product

58% of consumers purchase products Made in Australia based on Country of Origin statements on the product

CoOL at a Glance

Under the changes, it is mandatory for all priority foods grown, produced or made in Australia to include the kangaroo logo together with a bar chart to indicate the proportion of Australian ingredients. Food manufacturers will be encouraged to include the origin of ingredients in additional detail on their labels.

The Labels

Three component label - For priority foods grown, produced or made in Australia.

The label includes:

  1. The kangaroo logo
  2. A bar chart showing the percentage of Australian ingredients
  3. Explanatory text statement outlining if the food was grown, produced or made in Australia and the % of Australia ingredients

Two component label - For most priority food items packed in Australia (not grown produced or made).

The label includes:

  1. A bar chart displaying the % of Australia ingredients
  2. A statement indicating the % of Australian ingredients

Country of Origin Statement - Non-priority foods only require a text statement about where the food was grown, produced or made.

What foods do these regulations apply too?

The CoOL laws apply to all packaged and some unpackaged foods offered or suitable for retail sale in Australia.

Guidelines for Packaged Foods

Packaged foods are divided in two categories, Priority and Non-Priority.

Non-Priority Foods

Non-Priority foods include seasoning, confectionery, tea and coffee, biscuits and snack food, soft drinks, sports drinks, and alcoholic beverages

Priority Foods

Priority foods are all other food products not included in the categories above.

Guidelines for Unpackaged foods

Some unpackaged foods for retail sale needs a label placed on the food or in connection with the display to identify the country or countries of origin of the food.

Country of origin labelling applies to unpackaged fresh and processed fruit, vegetables, nuts, spices, herbs, legumes, seeds, fish (including shellfish) and meat (pork, beef, lamb and chicken)

When will CoOL become mandatory?

The take-up of the new labelling system became mandatory as of 1st July 2018, although current stock in trade can see out its shelf life. Additionally, businesses have two years to transition, which means food products packaged up until 30th June 2018 can be sold without the new labels.

Download our printable Country of Origin Labelling guide

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