BarTender Software - Professional Edition

Powerful barcode software plus database connectivity and RFID encoding

BarTender Professional edition builds on the powerful platform of BarTender Basic, allowing you to reduce data-entry by accessing Excel files and a variety of database files. Professional edition supports RFID tags and labels and its advanced design tools allow you to edit and enhance imported images,including brightness, contrast, saturation and cropping.

Harness the efficiency and accuracy of databases

Effortless RFID encoding

High performance image manipulation

Like BarTender Basic, the Professional edition can be used with unlimited printers - its license is based on PC installations and it is easy to upgrade as your business and labelling needs grow.

BarTender Professional includes the Print Station and Batch Maker companion applications.

Note: this is the minimum edition requiredif you wish to create templates for the Australian Transport Label (ATL) or Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labelling for compliance with Woolworths and Coles shipping label requirements

Additional Functionality in BarTender Professional

Print Station

Print Station gives non-technical users simple "point and click" selection and printing of templates without ever having to see the inside of a design program. As a stand-alone application, Print Station eliminates the need to open and print documents through BarTender or through external application integration.

Batch Maker

Batch Maker makes it easy to specify a list of multiple templates to print as a single "batch." Batches can be printed from Batch Maker, BarTender, Print Station, or Windows Explorer.

The Batch Maker application window has an intuitive and familiar interface that makes it easy to create and add documents to a batch file, and subsequently, to specify a printer, the number of copies you wish to print, and/or the specific records to print from a database. Once the batch file is created, multiple documents can be printed over and over again with a single command, eliminating the need to open and print each document separately.