BarTender Software - Basic Edition

Entry Level Barcoding Software

This entry-level edition incorporates BarTender's most powerful design features including clever wizards, professional templates and the ability to design your own data-entry forms.

A great choice for individuals and smaller teams

Design labels and cards quickly using flexible fonts, graphics, and barcodes

Include serial numbers and sequences in your label, tag or card

BarTender Basic can be used with unlimited printers - its license is based on PC installations and it is easy to upgrade as your business and labelling needs grow.

Note: If you wish to design label templates for the Australian Transport Label (ATL) with a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) insignia recommends users invest in a more advanced edition of BarTender; for example, BarTender Professional.

Additional Functionality in BarTender Basic

Print Station

Print Station gives non-technical users easy “point and click" selection and printing of templates without ever having to see the inside of a design program.

Because it is a stand-alone application, the use of Print Station eliminates the need to open and print documents through BarTender or through external application integration.