BarTender Software - Automation Edition

Print automation for control and efficiency

As well as BarTender's most powerful and user-friendly design features, database connectivity and RFID support, the Automation edition includes standard integration features for automated control by other software.

The automation of barcode label print functions makes BarTender's Automation Edition ideal for organisation's looking for improvements in efficiency.

Network licence suits multiple users

Intelligent Templates™ offer flexibility and control

Launch printing from other programs

Exporting Printer Code: In addition to printing directly, the BarTender Automation edition can also export specially formatted Printer Code Templates for modification and output by other programs. This code can also be downloaded to various hardware devices.

Uses include:

  • XML Enabled Printer configuration and template download.
  • Key Pad Devices that attach directly to printers.
  • SAP Integrations that use SAPscript-ITF.
  • Custom Programs for any OS (both mobile and desktop).

Simplify integration with .NET SDKs: Instead of writing custom integrations from scratch, you can use the prewritten VB and C# code in BarTender's ".NET" software development kits to finish the job much faster.

Additional Functionality in BarTender Automation

Print Station

Print Station gives non-technical users easy “point and click" selection and printing of templates without ever having to see the inside of a design program.

Because it is a stand-alone application, the use of Print Station eliminates the need to open and print documents through BarTender or through external application integration.

Batch Maker

Batch Maker makes it easy to specify a list of multiple templates to print as a single “batch." Batches can be printed from Batch Maker, BarTender, Print Station, or Windows Explorer.

The Batch Maker application window has an intuitive and familiar interface that makes it easy to create and add documents to a batch file, and subsequently, to specify a printer, the number of copies you wish to print, and/or the specific records to print from a database. Once the batch file is created, multiple documents can be printed over and over again with a single command, eliminating the need to open and print each document separately.

BarTender Integration Builder

The term Integration, as used in BarTender, simply refers to the process of integrating BarTender with other software or other sources of data, which in turn can be used to automate processes in BarTender. The most commonly automated process is printing; however, there are a number of other processes you can automate with integrations. Using the new Integration Builder application, you can create highly customizable integrations to seamlessly connect BarTender's printing capabilities with virtually any enterprise business operation. This powerful service lets you perform enterprise-level tasks, including:

  • Initiate printing automatically at "trigger" events, such as the arrival of an e-mail, a saved file or a modified database.
  • Connect to and communicate with clients via TCP/IP, UDP or HTTP.
  • Perform basic file operations, such as move, rename, delete or copy.
  • Integrate directly with ERP systems with direct support for SAP, Oracle or IBM WebSphere connectivity.

All print jobs resulting from an integration are sent to the printers via a new Print Scheduler Service. This Windows service intelligently assigns jobs to print engines to maximize performance while maintaining print order. Each integration file created with Integration Builder is stored as an XML file on your computer. This application can also be used to test your integrations prior to deployment. You can simulate file, socket and serial port trigger events with sample data, or debug transforms and other actions.

Printer Maestro

Printer Maestro provides a convenient way to monitor the printers and print jobs on your network. Printer Maestro can be configured to send you notifications via e-mail, instant message or text message for a variety of events, including printer errors or warnings. Printer Maestro can use an existing Microsoft SQL Server to store its data, or it can be configured to use a distributed database requiring no additional software.

History Explorer

History Explorer lets you view logged information about past print jobs, including print job messages and simulated snapshots. An essential tool for audit preparation.

Reprint Console

Reprint Console allows you to quickly navigate logs of previous print jobs and reprint all or just some items. It works even if the database from which the original template data was read has changed.