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Latest innovation from Domino: introducing the new water resistant A520i Continuous Inkjet printer

Featuring both a flexible design, and the high performance technology Domino is renowned for, the A520i continuous ink jet printer offers seamless integration in your production environment while continuing to break the service routine.

Designed for wash-down environments, the A520i uses marine grade stainless steel (316), with IP66 rated fully sealed electronics from Domino's innovative plenum airflow cooling system. This technology keeps the printer cool and the electronics sealed which keeps your production line running. With advanced energy saving software, the printer can automatically shut down when your production line stops.

Domino's service free i-Tech ink system delivers ultra-low makeup usage, driving down your solvent footprint, reducing costs and operator intervention. Best of all, the CleanFill cartridges can easily be changed while the printer is still operating, and the larger volume makeup cartridges provide extended runtime between changes – this means the A520i is online for longer, with fewer interruptions and less waste.

The flexible design of the A520i allows you to site the user interface and printer separately to suit your working environment. Multiple coders can be controlled from a single interface panel for increased operational efficiency. Hot, wet, cold or dry – the engineering excellence in the A520i inkjet printer works even in the harshest of environments.

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Key Features

  • The IP66 enclosed A520i has marine quality cabinet made from 316 grade stainless steel.
  • One IP66 Touch Panel can control up to 16 printers.
  • Printers are stackable to fit into your production workflow. Additionally, the compact design allows the machine to be located neatly under a conveyor or similar.
  • Uses the innovative plenum airflow cooling system.
  • Available with a wide range of high performance print heads, including Heavy Duty, Duo, Pinpoint, and XS. All options feature Domino’s patented SureStart technology.

Main Benefits

  • Innovative plenum airflow cooling system inside the sealed IP66 electronics enclosure keeps the printer cool and the electronics sealed for maximum reliability and protection.
  • Operating flexibility through TouchPanel means the printer and user interface can be positioned separately for seamless line integration.
  • Service free, with intelligence inside.
  • New XS high speed printhead means print speed is increased by 45% to over 500m/minute.
  • Simple consumable replenishment and intelligent fluid management provides fluid savings of up to 60% and decreased opportunities for user error due to minimal operator interactions.

Compatible Substrates

  • Plastic (flexible)
  • Foil (Coated/Printed)
  • Plastic PVC
  • Glass
  • Metal (Printed)
  • Rubber
  • Board (Composite)
  • Metal
  • Plastic (Rigid)
  • Plastic PET